Final Thoughts on the LightAide

These past few weeks with Lily LightAide, which Aly received from the Backpacking LightAide program hosted by Perkins, has been more than enjoyable, it has been an eye opener for me. I have seen the LIGHT. Lights are the key to unlocking my daughter’s learning potential. Nothing else catches and holds her attention more than light. My daughter’s visual impairment (CVI) has many unique characteristics – one of the most profound being an attraction to light and moving things. The LightAide offers both in controlled and limitless ways unlike any other product on the market.

There are so many wonderful features that makes the LightAide a must have. I love that it is reasonably compact and can easily be taken places. It has a built in handle that doubles as a stand. I took it to Aly’s school and therapy several times. I love that there isn’t much that comes with it. Everything you need is built in. It comes with two interchangeable screens, power cord and two switches. I also love that you can use your own switches. We used a bigger, textured switch for Aly in OT.

Aly’s favorite activities on the LightAide were the ones that teach tracking and focusing. She would get so entranced as the lights lit up beautifully in front of her. She would reach and feel the bumps on the screen and stare in amazement as the colors changed. Next I introduced her to the switches. When she began to grasp that her actions were making the colors change I could see the excitement in her face. She would vigorously pound the switches, laughing and kicking her feet as she sat in her bumbo. She would start by looking to the left at the large yellow row and follow it across the screen, holding focus and tracking with ease.

These were the moments I began to see the potential in my daughter’s learning capabilities. Utilizing light and movement were the key. The LightAide offers so much more than just tracking and focusing skills. It also teaches children the alphabet, numbers, shapes and making comparisons, to name a few. I hope the LightAide becomes a permanent fixture in our home soon as well as Aly’s school and therapy center.

To learn more about the LightAide visit To read about the other families’ experience with Lily LightAide visit After the six families have spent their two weeks with the LightAide voting will take place on the site to have one family selected to receive the LightAide as a gift. I will post on how to vote at the end of the program.