Lily the LightAide

Lily the Backpacking LightAide has finally made her way to our house! After spending two weeks with a family in Colorado, the LightAide was shipped to us. We will be able to use the LightAide for two weeks then ship it to the next selected family. The LightAide is an educational tool that uses lights to engage children with visual impairments and other special needs. The LightAide is preloaded with activities that range from easy to hard and teach visual efficiency (tracking and focusing), language arts and mathematics. It also includes interactive games.

The LightAide arrived in a box with the device and accessories inside. It came with two tactile lenses that are interchangeable and cover the LED lights. It also came with two switches that can be plugged into the side of the LightAide. The switches are used with the different activities to allow the child to control how the lights move across the screen to create shapes, patterns, designs, letters and numbers. The package also included a setup guide and activity workbook with instructions on how to properly use the LightAide during each activity. The LightAide was very easy to set up and use.

Today was the first day Aly got to use the LightAide. She loved it immediately. She was very drawn to the light and movement. For Aly, the switches helped with her purposeful movement by utilizing cause and effect. When she pushed the button the shapes would change or the lines would move. Because Aly has made big improvements with reach and purposeful movement, she did very well using the switches. After a little while, however she would want to pick it up and chew on it. The more we use the LightAide and the switches the better she will learn how to properly use them.

I’m very excited about sharing the LightAide with Aly’s therapists and teachers. I plan to work with Aly using the LightAide a few times each day for 30-45 minutes. I want to work through all of the activities in the workbook. Each activity offers a learning experience that is irreplaceable. After the six families have had time with Lily the LightAide, the readers of will select one family to keep the LightAide as a gift. Aly is also receiving a backpack filled with toys from WonderBaby for participating in the program.

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